Friday, November 16, 2018

Hi, welcome you all in – Website For Non-Techies. This is the platform for all users either they are Technical or Non-Technical. In simple words the people who have knowledge or not much knowledge about the Internet and Technology for those people we make it understandable in easy and simple steps. That’s why we call it Website For Non-Techies. We are here to help you out about the internet and Technology, how the internet and websites work.

“We just want to make a platform where do people come and understand about the Internet and Technology in simple and easy words even they are Technical or Non-Technical.”

As you know that the Internet and Technology are how much important these days. Everything can be done on the internet, even our government and industries are supporting digital payments and services and many more.

In – Website For Non-Techies you will find a  specific Tab called Resources where you can find out different-different Top resources and Tips related to Internet or Technology and many more.