If you want to start a Blog or a Website then do consider to read the entire blog carefully. In this blog, you may learn every aspect of a website. Even if you are Non-Techies and not done a  single line of code yet. There are many ways to start a Blog or Website but you will learn here the easiest way to make a website or Blog. its ok if You may not have too much knowledge of the coding skill or you never did code or programming, you can still create a successful blog or website. you just need to have a basic computer knowledge and nothing else. Now get ready to learn step-by-step complete guide to creating a website or Blog.

start a Blog or website

Note – After reading this Article from beginning to end. you may be able to create your own Website or Blog without applying a single line of code.

WordPress is that Platform where I will guide you to make a Blog or Website, from basic to the advanced level without knowing a single line of code.

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If you want to make your Blog or Website by own then follow our step by step guide

let me tell you that we will make our Blog or Website in WordPress. This is the Platform where anybody can make a Blog or Website. Here you don’t need a headache about how the code to be written. you will only have to think about the content.

what things would you need to create a Blog or Website 

  • Domain name – At first you have to register a Domain name that will be the name of your Blog or website. For example, facebook.com, example.com.
  • Hosting Free or Paid – After registering a Domain name you have to buy Hosting. Hosting is the place where your media files or files would be stored on the Internet. you may go for premium or free hosting service.
  • WordPress theme Free or Paid – Themes is pre-built templates. it ensures how content is shown to users. There are many free themes available in WordPress repository or directory to use but if you want more functionality and features then you have to spend some money.
  • Plugins – plugins are some lines of codes which increase the functionality of a blog or website. there are many free plugins available in WordPress directory. you may also go for paid plugins.
  • Now be prepared to publish content on your Blog or Website.

What steps should be followed to create a website or Blog –

After Buying the Domain name and the Web Hosting. I will go through the complete installation and setup of WordPress platform. You have already been told that we will create a blog or website on WordPress here. There are many Domain names and Hosting service provider but I will guide you in GoDaddy which is both Domain name and Hosting service provider.






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