The extension is small program software that increases the user experience and functionality of Google chrome web browser.

Chrome extension

Google chrome is one of the best web browsers that you can use ever. The ability to add an extension that enhances the whole browser experience is the feature that many people like. If you use another chromium based browser like opera and one of my personal best browser VIVALDI. Chrome extension can also be used in that browser as well. Today I will show you top 10 google chrome extension in various category. This addon is all free to use and amazingly useful to make your browser easier and more productive coming up on ……………… – Website For Non-Techies.

Installing Chrome extensions – At first, open your Google Chrome web browser on your computer. Click the setting icon at the right end corner of chrome web browser. Now go through the options and select the MORE TOOLS option after that choose the Extension option. Here all your extension are listed. To install new Extension click the menu button at the left corner of the Chrome web browser and  Open Chrome Web Store. Here select or search new Extension and ADD TO CHROME. 

chrome extension setting

Here we list the Top 10 Google Chrome Extension that is lying down in a different category –

1) Full Page Screen Capture – This is the extension used to take screenshots of the entire web page instead of the Chrome window. Very often it happens that we want to take the screenshots of the entire web page but it is difficult to take down the screenshot of the entire web page. If you want to go out from this frustration then check out this useful extension. It could help you a lot more

full screen capture full screen captures

Add To Chrome –    

2) Google Translate – You might hear about Google Translate App in Mobile phones and also used it. This app is used to translate one language into another language. You can take advantage of this app anytime if you want to know the meaning of any other language from other than your Native language.
This app is quite simple and easy to use.
Now you may use the Google Translate in Google Chrome web browser also. It comes with an Extension called Google Translate search it on Chrome web store and Adds to Chrome.

google translate setup

Instructions – After adding Google Translate to the Chrome it appears at the top right corner of the web browser. To translate any word, phrase, sentence or paragraph you just have to select it and click the Google Translate icon. Now, the translation will showdown in the list.

google translate list

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